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ITP possess high-end CCTV Surveillance Systems technology, expertise, and tools to provide instant alerts when trouble occurs, ensuring that crime against people, theft, and vandalism are substantially prevented or reduced.

Availing CCTV Monitoring Infrastructure services from us helps you obtain a competitive advantage in your mission critical tasks. Taking advantage of our experience in serving global clients, the innovative skills of our professionals, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and our domain expertise allows you for the smooth and safe running of your business. ITP offers significant advantages such as considerable amount of cost saving, better service, rapid response, and improved overall efficiency in security management.

ITP offer clients a complete and unique CCTV Monitoring solution for the security of key resources, including proactive and comprehensive information management solution to manage the data and provide rapid response capabilities.

Main benefits of availing CCTV Monitoring service from us are the following:

  • An experienced team of CCTV Monitoring operatives
  • 'Best of breed' technology and operational procedures
  • Intelligent software for managing, monitoring, and reporting and support
  • Highly alert and trained monitoring personnel
  • Flexible and easily customized to the specific needs of any organization
  • Description of events with detailed event correlation analysis
  • Chronological sequence and duration of events
  • Surveillance of both internal and external environments

To know more about the benefits of our CCTV Monitoring Infrastructure services,

We are into following area support

  • Online Camera
  • Day/ Night Camera
  • Weather proof Camera
  • Focus Camera
  • Wireless Camera
  • Rota table camera
  • Long/Short Vision Camera

CCTV Technology
Today information-processing CCTV Technology has made possible CCTV cameras perform the double duty of security, and operations monitoring in a wide range of sites. With the help of state-of-the-art computer technology, CCTV monitoring and recording is easily and efficiently manageable with greater usefulness and less labor intensity. We utilize IP-Surveillance technology to automate intelligent surveillance.

Leveraging IP network infrastructures to operate CCTV Monitoring reduces the cost and inconvenience of wiring up a CCTV infrastructure. Our CCTV Monitoring stations are designed and engineered to ensure uninterrupted running and recording of high quality visuals, and fast internet and intranet connectivity. A dedicated team of experts in the IT department provides centralized management and technical support – proactive and preventative – to facilitate continuity of operations.

We possess sophisticated camera management control and replay system. We can provide a complete and highly professional CCTV Monitoring technology system, allowing IP pictures to be stored locally or remotely and activate motion detection/event recording and continuous recording. Camera pictures are monitored and events recorded for later viewing in conjunction with a camera management software system.

CCTV Technology promotes and manages various quality initiatives as well as leading new customer-oriented best practices across the organization.

CCTV Technology trained operatives act as your security guards seated at monitors to ensure smooth and secure running of your mission critical business. for a detailed discussion.

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