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ITP's R&D takes place in focused research in technology labs where software engineers identify the technology, tools and Methodologies Insights which are most appropriate to solve specific customer challenges and work with clients to develop proofs of concept. The R&D team also develops re-usable frameworks and components to solve generic industry problems. Our R&D team is constantly looking at new technologies from leading vendors and alliances with industry leaders contribute significantly to our R&D approach.

As new technologies are more widely adopted by customers, we launch competency centers which stay at the forefront of a new technology and are the first ones to execute customer projects in that competency. As the processes and tools specific to that competency are defined and documented, a team of professionals are trained to take project execution responsibility. A core group remains dedicated to the center to perform future R&D.

Our current, technology competency centers include:
Microsoft .NET Sun J2EE Oracle and PeopleSoft

  2. Microsoft .NET framework represents a major step forward for Microsoft developers, encompassing many of the object-oriented design disciplines and managed code innovations that have become popular in e-business application development over the last few years. Consequently, ITP has established a special competency center to spread knowledge and promote best practices with Microsoft's new .NET Framework (Asp .NET / Vb .NET / C# etc).

    The Microsoft .NET Competency Center is staffed by trained, Microsoft Certified professionals with experienced applications development experience in selected Microsoft development environments. ITP has invested in training resources and developing best practices for .net application development using Microsoft's .NET architecture. ITP's Microsoft Competency Center leverages this expertise to enable rapid, error-free application development to solve specific business problems.

    The objectives of this team involve:

    • Providing technical solutions implementing Microsoft .NET
    • Resolving problems faced in applying Microsoft .NET technology
    • Establishing a forum for knowledge sharing among developers
    • Building competency in chosen Microsoft servers and Infrastructure services
    • Developing reusable components that can be used across projects
    • Conducting organization-wide training programs in Microsoft technologies


    • Core: .NET Framework, DNA, COM, COM+,
    • XML Web Infrastructure services: SOAP, XML
    • Languages: C#, Visual Basic (VB).NET, ASP.NET
    • .NET Servers: BizTalk Server, Application Center, Commerce Server, Content Management Server, SharePoint Server
    • Solutions: B2B Integration, B2C Application Development, Web Infrastructure services based Application development, Reusable Components, Mobile Solutions
  3. SUN J2EE
  4. Java Competency Center helps clients realize the benefits of Enterprise Java J2EE platforms, and related technologies including Web Infrastructure services and J2ME. ITP has built a competency center that focuses on skill building, knowledge management and pioneering research in emerging Java technologies.

    ITP leverages offshore cost and scalability advantage to significantly reduce development cost across various J2EE development. ITP's Java Competency Center uses deep platform expertise in developing and delivering enterprise solutions. ITP reduces software development costs by over 50% by leveraging competency expertise, offshore cost and scalability.

    ITP has made significant investments in creating and growing the Java Competency Center. With trained and experienced Java specialists, engineers in ITP's Competency Center conduct internal training programs for continuous learning and hands on experience.

    The objectives of this team involve:

    • Providing technical solutions implementing Java
    • Resolving problems faced in applying Java technology
    • Establishing a forum for knowledge sharing among developers
    • Building competency in chosen application servers and Infrastructure services
    • Developing reusable components that can be used across projects
    • Conducting organization-wide training programs in Java technologies
  5. LAMP
  6. LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) is the platform of choice for the development and deployment of high performance web applications. Linux as an operating system is most often used to run servers and can run quite well even on older hardware; Apache is the most widely used web server which can be run on a variety of operating system; MySQL is well known for its reliability and free availability; and PHP has a number of built-in features which make it more intuitive and is most often used in conjunction with MySQL.

    ITP has extensive experience in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. We have capabilities in performing integration and development with LAMP technologies. Our team has development experience working on complex system for large web applications and custom software development.

  8. Our Oracle Enterprise Application Competency Group has capabilities to provide ERP, CRM, and Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) and DSS Life Cycle Implementation processes for the Oracle suite of Enterprise Applications products. We have the capabilities to provide the complete Life Cycle Implementation process for the Oracle Enterprise Application Products.

    Trained and experienced group of Oracle Applications ERP Consultants with the relevant skills such as Functional, Technical, and Business Analysis, and Project Management focusing exclusively on Oracle Enterprise Applications.

    Developed a competency center with focus on all the Oracle Enterprise Applications products modules to impart specialized and detailed training to its in-house Consultants with emphasis on developing implementation skills. This center maintains several simulated Oracle Applications environments of our client's with a view to provide support to on-site team as well as provide a good training and test environment.

    Build a pragmatic Implementation process methodology based on Oracle's AIMS Methodology and our experience across diverse engagements. This methodology provides a core process, which is adapted to meet the specific requirement and environment of the client.

  10. ITP has a PeopleSoft competency center at its state-of-the-art center currently serving a number of implementation and maintenance engagements across the globe. Various country localizations have been successfully developed here. With a number PeopleSoft developers working in staff on various PeopleSoft projects, this center is made to support our aggressive growth plan for the PeopleSoft practice.

    The environment and development infrastructure within this development center is built and maintained as per standards defined by PeopleSoft. The development center also boasts of an independent testing facility. Testing of various PeopleSoft modules and releases are conducted here. This center also has its own training facility where consultants are provided regular skill upgrade training in order to build our leadership in the PeopleSoft sphere.

    All our offerings in PeopleSoft are oriented at cost and effort optimization for the customer. By using our onsite-offshore methodology we deliver significant cost reduction to the customer. ITP's PeopleSoft related offerings are as follows:

    Remote Application Support and Maintenance

    Resource Augmentation (offshore/offsite/onsite)


    • We work across the board in PeopleSoft - HR, Financials, and Student Administration packages, which are PeopleSoft's strengths.
    • We can provide both technical and functional expertise in all modules and sub-modules.
    • Our consultants are not only strong in PeopleSoft but they have real world experience so they tend to be stronger technically and they come right in and hit the ground running.
    • Our people have on average 7+ years of experience, with at least 2-5 years of hands on experience in PeopleSoft applications.
    • We can work beside you and your staff by providing the staff augmentation and assist you in setting your schedules and deliverables or we can be the driving force on the project and function as the implementation partner.
    • ITP has the breadth and depth of experience in PeopleSoft applications needed to make your organization fully realize the capability of your information technology. Our proven Methodologies Insights, coupled with our work with leading clients around the world, make us the preeminent choice for PeopleSoft solutions.
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