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Alliance Partners

Enables you to sell and create new opportunities using technology
Our alliance partners will be the companies who will work with us closely by jointly selling custom software/web development solutions. The alliance will be aimed at increasing sales revenues and to complement each others capabilities and leveraging each other in the marketplace. We can jointly pitch for projects and execute it by sharing each others resources. The profits generated will be shared between the two companies as per the agreement that is signed at the start of the project. In this way we can synergize our operations and reap the benefits of working in sync with each other.

Typical Alliance Partner profiles are as follows:

  • Web Design Companies
  • Advertising Companies
  • Employee Placement (Body Shopping) Companies
  • Employee Search Companies

Benefits of this partnership program are as follows:

  • Potential Revenue Enhancement and Market Differentiation
  • Fast Time-to-Market for your customers
  • Proven track record in backend projects
  • Experience web programmers
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Gain on each others experience
  • Compliment each others capability
  • Growth in size of companies
  • Ability to pitch for high-end projects
  • Profit sharing

Types of support available for Alliance Partners:

  • Partner Extranet
  • Sales and Technical Training
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Partner Newsletter
  • Marketing & PR Materials
  • Event Support
  • Co-Funds Available Co-Marketing for Premier Partners Only

To find out more information about our Alliance Partner Program, please email us at

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