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ITP Corporate Social Responsibilities

We are committed to a sustainable business model that makes us proud of how we interact with our people, our customers and our marketplace. We believe that this is the only way to deliver long term business success for our company.

In the past, our sustainable business model has focused on four aspects – environment, workplace, community and market. In 2011, we expanded the market aspect into three critical focus areas – our impact on our customers, our innovation agenda and our increasing support of the community.

At ITP we hold a firm opinion that sound Corporate and Social Responsibility is best enacted by blending together all elements of responsible business practice. We aim to help to protect the environment with an overarching aim of greener practices overall.

Throughout 2011 we expanded our use of video and audio conferencing still further to cut travel, and consequently our corporate carbon footprint, to a minimum. We have upgraded our internal systems to provide a new connected user experience transforming every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging, and accessible from anywhere. We have created a single interface that unites voice communications, instant messaging, audio, video, and web conferencing into a richer, more contextual offering which will be the foundation for a globally connected and centrally supported communication environment.

At India Technopark Global services limited, we pride ourselves in promoting a diverse and dynamic work environment. We mandate an equal opportunity approach for all, regardless of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, disability, age and religious belief.

We have developed a range of complementary programmes focused on staff welfare, engagement and satisfaction, including:

  • Leadership Forum – a membership of senior managers across ITP that reviews and sets direction across a myriad of different channels.
  • Innovation,
  • Teamwork,
  • Quality,
  • Customer Success,
  • Accountability,
  • Passion and Commitment.

Our staff recognition programmes operate at a corporate and at a divisional level to capture the success of individuals and teams.

A key aspect of our sustainable business model is to create success for our customers to drive long term loyalty. Along with our focus on innovative product development, we are implementing a number of customer focused initiatives to enhance further the experience of working with ITP.

Organisational adoption of the customer-centric Net Promoter approach is fundamental to our overall programme of enhancing the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty. Customers have confirmed their support of the programme and are embracing the improvements that we introduce.

ITP has a long and proud innovation, Best Practices, Cutting edge technology.

  • Cloud-based deployment,
  • Easier to implement, ‘democratised’ business intelligence,
  • Mobile banking and m-commerce,
  • Extension of the existing application frameworks towards easier integration with third party ‘apps’, and
  • Interaction with a rich variety of user agents.
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