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ITP helps your organization focus on your mission. Our suite of Business Process Management solutions helps you have professional execution of your infrastructure activities while you focus on your main reason for being.

Nonprofit Organizations: ITP provides targeted expertise to logistics and back office management solutions, enabling you and those you serve to make the most impact with the fewest resources.

Donations Management - ITP provides solutions for you or your member network to provide the most professional, single point of contact for donors This enables you to get the most in-kind donations, voluntary engagement and financial donations as possible, as you provide a 'one stop shop' for corporate and community engagement. If you don't have the skills on staff to manage procurement and in-kind donations management processes, ITP Staff can provide a professional experience through our team of dedicated humanitarian aid logistics professionals. We can make it Better Business to Donate, for your corporate partners.

Procurement Management - ITP helps you or your membership network get the most out of the limited dollars you have to spend. Through ITP procurement offering, you and your members can receive immediate cost savings on everything from medical supplies to transportation. If you are a membership network, this offering, branded under your name, can bring immediate results and value to your membership.

Surplus Inventory Management and Donations - ITP partners with corporations to take excess inventory and resources and turn it into aid for organizations and people in need. Especailly in hard economic times, it is crucial to waste as little as possible, as more and more people are in need. ITP connects surplus with people in need, enabling both the giver and the recipient to accomplish their mission more effectively.

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