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Network Solutions

Your Proactive Quality Solution (PQS) Provider
Whatever your IT service needs may be, NBS provides the highest level of quality assurance through its exclusive Proactive Quality Solution.

Using Proactive Quality Solution, ITP integrates quality control measures with every phase of every project, utilizing highly refined best practices to monitor and maintain optimum operation of your network.

In keeping with its business-focused approach, Network Business Solutions believes that, if you own the network, you should own the knowledge. Your ITP consultants maintain detailed, documentation of your network at all times, empowering your business to operate beyond the knowledge-base or skill-set of any one IT person in any one situation.

Network Business Solutions solves your current IT problems and prevents future ones, so your computers are always running

Network Implementation
ITP is an industry leader in network installation, upgrades and support. Beginning with an in-depth technology needs analysis of your business, the firm applies its expertise to planning and infrastructure design. It addresses your current IT needs and lays the foundation for managing future network growth. ITP safeguards your network against crashes and service recalls. It provides critical security solutions and pre-emptive anti-Spam and anti-virus filtering to protect your technology investment.

ITP continuing proactive support includes value-added maintenance to ensure that you and your employees can access, manipulate and save data efficiently and reliably over time.

Your computers exist to serve your business. So does ITP. If you need computers to keep your business running, you need Network Solutions (NS) to keep your computers running.

ITP takes a unique, business-focused approach to network implementation and custom application development. It not only solves your current IT problems, but it prevents future ones, providing the long-term reliability and efficiency your business needs to succeed.

Corporate IT Infrastructure Development

  • System Upgrades
  • Network Re-engineering and Growth Management
  • Microsoft Networks
  • Novell Networks
  • Remote Access
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • On-Site Network and/or PC Support and Maintenance
  • Structured Maintenance
  • Multi-Office VPN Solutions
  • Home-to-Office VPN Solutions
  • Security and Firewall Solutions
  • Help-Desk
  • Cyberoam: Unified Threat Management Solution
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